Are you wondering how you can afford to go back to school? Here are just some of the resources on hand to help you study. As an adult there are many more financial obligations to consider. But this doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing further education as an adult. There are a number of ways you can afford to go back to school. Read on to find out more.


Many colleges offer scholarships to students studying their first bachelor’s degree, which doesn’t necessarily rule you out as an adult. There are a number of websites which specifically link to adult scholarships, like Scholarships360 or


Grants, unlike scholarships, typically give a certain amount of money to students to partially cover their tuition or book costs. There are a number of grants for adult students, and it’s also worth discussing with your employer to see if they offer any form of funding for further study.


Some institutions offer more flexible payment plans if you can’t pay off your tuition in the normal way. Ask about monthly payments or up-front-payment of tuition, depending on the payment plan that you’re looking for. 


Adult learners can apply for federal student loans. If you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you’ll receive a letter detailing how much you can receive. You could also consider a traditional bank or credit union loan.

Financial Planning

If you’re considering paying for your tuition yourself, setting up a savings program will help you pay your fees. With good financial planning you could put away a set amount each month until you’re able to pay for the course.

There are many financial support avenues for those looking to go back to college as an adult. If you’re concerned about affording your course, talk to your school’s financial aid office for further advice on managing your payments.