Earning a degree as an adult can help with greater earning potential and career opportunities. Find out how further study can improve your employment prospects. Research supports that adults with a college degree report an average starting salary of $55,000, while those with high school diplomas earned under $31,000. Investing your time into studying for a degree can raise your potential earnings by almost 45%. Here’s how a degree can improve your employment opportunities.

Greater Earning Potential

College graduates report a higher starting salary, and greater earning potential over the course of their career. Graduates report over double the salary earned over their lifetime, compared with those with a high school diploma. 

More Chances For Progression

Studying a college degree as an adult shows a company you are invested in self-improvement and able to learn and develop. If an employer sees these traits it sets you up well for future promotion. If you’re starting in a new field, it also leaves you with the doors to future progression open, rather than requiring further training in future.

Better Opportunities

Do you feel limited in your current job because you don’t have a college degree? Studying a bachelors provides you with better opportunities outside of your current career. You can specialize in a new field and create the chance for a complete career change.

A college degree will only boost your career opportunities and earnings over time. Broaden your employment prospects, choose the field that you enjoy and see your wages rise.